Arizona Blue Eyes

One of our lovely monsoon wildflowers is the Arizona Blue Eyes, Arizonicus evolvulus. This 1/2 to 3/4 inch blue flower is a tiny morning glory found in Southern Arizona, Southwest New Mexico, and Northern Mexico.

It is too small to be seen from a moving car, but if you take a walk in desert grasslands or through pinion or juniper stands, you are likely to notice the little blue flowers with while centers scattered throughout the natural grasses.

The Arizona Blue Eyes plants which I have seen are only a few inches tall (although the plant can reach a height of one foot), and have one to four open flowers. But, true to its family of morning glory, should the clouds roll in, or as evening approaches, the flowers close and the plant becomes an inconspicuous little weed with small green leaves and delicate stems.


Elizabeth Riordon
September, 1991