Southwest U.S. Summer Monsoon Season Precipitation Mapping

Updated: 06-24-2024

The maps below are focused on capturing unique elements of the summer monsoon season hydroclimate across Arizona and New Mexico including total precipitation, intensity, and frequency of precipitation events. Maps are updated once a day from June 15 - September 30th using gridded PRISM precipitation data (nominally 4km by 4km) provided by the Applied Climate Information System (RCC-ACIS). The daily data represent the 24 hour total precipitation measured at 12:00 UTC (locally 5:00am Mountain Time). PRISM data availability is lagged by one day so totals through 12Z of the previous day are available here. The gridded data provide a spatial estimate of true precipitation amounts across the region and should be interpreted with caution at very fine scales. More information on how the gridded data are produced can be found here.

Maps from past seasons
Companion SW Monsoon climate monitoring products:

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