Rural Living in Arizona

Summer 2016 Cover of Backyards & BeyondWelcome to Backyards & Beyond – Rural Living in Arizona. This informative, concise, and timely quarterly magazine is made for YOU: the small acreage landowner, new landowner or backyard enthusiast.

As more people make Arizona their home, our traditional farm and ranch lands are being divided into small acreage home lots. Through this publication we aim to provide the education and guidance owners need to successfully manage their resources and care for their property. We will promote sustainable practices that enhance the ecological, economic and social aspects of the land and its people.

Funding has been provided by the Renewable Resources Extension Act.

Other Resources

County Story URLs for stories published in Progressive Agriculture 1963-66. Excepts of these appear in the Spring 2014 Backyards and Beyond Special Centennial issue.

Arizona's Changing Rural Landscapes provides the public with information to help the public better understand and manage the population growth and land use changes that rural Arizona is currently experiencing. is a cooperative rainfall monitoring network for Arizona. Data collected through this network is useful for a variety of applications, from watershed management activities to drought planning at local, county, and state levels. All you need to participate is a rain gauge and access to the Internet.

Natural Resource and Environment publications available through Cooperative Extension.

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