Eleventh International Symposium on Tilapia in Aquaculture

Eleventh International Symposium on Tilapia in Aquaculture

April 26-29, 2016
Surabaya, INDONESIA at the Grand City Convention and Exhibition Center
in collaboration with the Asia-Pacific Chapter of the World Aquaculture Society

ISTA 11 Supporters:The World Aquaculture Society, The WorldFish Center,
Tilapia International Foundation, and Global Aquaculture Alliance.

This was the eleventh of the highly successful series of symposia that have brought together tilapia biologists who review the latest discoveries in tilapia nutrition, physiology, reproductive biology, genetics, ecology, improvements in production systems, and other fields related to tilapia and their use in aquaculture. The symposium had a special emphasis on best management practices, quality control, new product forms, international trade, and opening new markets for farmed tilapia products. The symposium included a trade/exhibit show, which provided a forum for industry suppliers, seafood marketers, and the aquaculture press to meet directly with researchers and producers.

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