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New Book Summarizes School IPM Research


Fournier, A., T.J. Gibb & C.Y. Oseto. 2010. Go to the Head of the Class: A Research-based Approach to Understanding Adoption and Implementation of Integrated Pest Management in Schools. Purdue IPM Technical Resource Center, Purdue University. West Lafayette, IN. 375 pp.

Authors examine adoption and implementation of IPM in schools using a statewide survey combined with case studies of four real life Indiana school districts, derived from in-depth interviews, document analysis and observations of school pest management programs. In this way, they uniquely present and discuss the factors that contribute to successful school IPM programs.

This book is a must-read for all activists engaged in promoting IPM in children’s environments. Specifically, school managers involved with IPM, proactive parents, pest management professionals wishing to provide IPM services to schools, and state and federal policy makers will find this a helpful resource.
-- Dr. Dawn Gouge, Urban IPM Specialist, University of Arizona

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