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The Western IPM Center (WIPMC) is one of four Regional IPM Centers in a national network established to strengthen USDA's connection with production agriculture, research and extension programs, and IPM stakeholders throughout the United States. The WIPMC has been a major supporter of the Arizona Pest Management Center.

The Arid Southwest IPM Network is funded by the Western IPM Center through an Information Network grant. This multi-state, interdisciplinary network, managed by the APMC, was created to enhance pest management communication and cooperation among partner organizations centered in the low dessert region of the Southwest.

The Arizona Plant Diagnostics Network (AZPDN) is a consortium of researchers, diagnosticians, and regulatory personnel from the University of Arizona, Arizona Department of Agriculture, and USDA/APHIS. The mission of the AZPDN is to develop and enhance diagnostic capacity within the state of Arizona for pathogens, insects, weeds, and abiotic disorders, and to create a comprehensive organizational structure to increase our ability to respond to these threats. The AZPDN is part of the Western Plant Diagnostic Network and the National Plant Diagnostic Network.

The University of Arizona Insect Collection is a UA core facility that is the cornerstone for entomological research and insect diagnostics in the Arizona. The UAIC maintains approximately 2.0 million insect specimens and is the most comprehensive in the world for the Sonoran Desert Region.


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